The Original Heavy Metal Music

About Us

What do you do when all the famous composers were dead before your instrument was invented?

Or when everyone thinks that your only skill is to sit on the back row of the orchestra and play a few ooom-pah’s until Oktoberfest rolls around again?

We decided we would have to make things happen on our own.

Living in region rich with military band history, we assembled a crack team of veteran tuba and euphonium players and encouraged some of our composer buddies to create some arrangements to show off the truly rich and sonorous sounds of the often neglected horns.

So for the last two decades, the QuaDruba Tuba Quartet has been on a mission to share our music with the public. From Civil War reenactments to Christmas Tree Lightings we have a little music for everyone. So give us a try for your next event. You’ll become a fan of the “Real Heavy Metal Music” too.

We’re available for concerts, background music, outdoor festivals and yes, even weddings!  Contact us today for more information and bookings.